Firefox OS

Run Firefox OS (Boot to Gecko) on Desktop Computer

Mozilla developers have released an extension for Firefox, Ready to Deliver to Boot to Gecko (r2d2b2g), which is the easiest way to test Firefox OS right in the Firefox browser. The r2d2b2g does not require any technical skill or complex setup process.

Mozilla Renames Its Mobile OS, Announces New Partners

Mozilla today announced that its upcoming mobile operating system project, Boot to Gecko, will use Firefox branding. The project has been renamed to Firefox OS, and the first device featuring this new platform is expected to launch in early 2013.

Mozilla Brings “Do Not Track” to Its Mobile OS

This is another great step for Mozilla’s “Do Not Track” initiative: Mozilla has announced to implement DNT settings to its mobile operating system, Boot to Gecko. With this implementation, users will be able to change tracking settings for installed mobile browsers and apps.

Mozilla Partners with Telefonica for “Boot to Gecko” Open Web Devices

As reported earlier, Mozilla has announced its partners for Boot to Gecko project in MWC 2012. Mozilla and Telefónica have unveiled their strategy for Open Web Devices platform, which is set to launch later in 2012. Other partners and supporters of B2G project are Deutsche Telekom, Adobe and Qualcomm.

Mozilla Marketplace Set To Open App Submission

Mozilla’s upcoming web app store will start accepting apps from the developers during the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012) next week. Mozilla Marketplace will be a platform and device independent application store for the apps developed using open standards like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.