Save YouTube Videos Directly To Dropbox

Videodropper is a Dropbox mashup, which enables you to save YouTube videos directly in your Dropbox account. You don’t need to download the videos first, and then upload them to Dropbox account.

Chromium 17

Chromium 17 is here, just after 40 days of Chromium 16. Along with this, the dev channel of Google Chrome has been updated to the version number 16.0.912.0 on Windows platform.

Features of Android 4.0 Browser

Android 4.0 has a refreshing default browser with many new features, which has been shipped without “Chrome” brand name.

Google Chrome Gets Flash Player 11 Support

Google Chrome stable channel has been updated to the version 14.0.835.202 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms. The highlight of newer version is support for Flash Player 11.

Firefox 8 Beta, Firefox 9 Aurora Arrive

Finally, all Firefox channels have got updates and version number increment. After source migration for Firefox nightly 10, Firefox 8 Beta and Firefox 9 Aurora have been released.