PDF.js PDF Reader for Opera 15+

Mozilla’s PDF.js is now available for upcoming Opera 15+ browser as a standalone extension. PDF.js is an open source PDF reader built using open standard technologies.

VP9 Video Codec Lands in Chromium

Google has enabled VP9 video codec in the latest Chromium build. This should arrive to the Chrome Canary and other pre-release builds of Chrome soon. VP9 is an open-sourced and royalty-free video codec, and claimed to reduce bandwidth/size requirement by up to 50% in comparison to the popular but proprietary H.264 codec. In past, Google […]

Google Retires Chrome Frame Plug-in for Internet Explorer

Google has announced to discontinue its Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer by the January 2014. This open sourced plugin enables users of legacy browsers to enjoy the latest features available only in the modern browsers.

Opera Stash Feature: New in Opera 15

Users can add web pages in their stash queue by clicking on the heart icon in the address bar. On stashing a web page, Opera takes screenshot of the visible area and adds it to the stash queue.