Opera Dragonfly 1.1 Available

Opera Software has released updated version of its integrated development and debugging tool, the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly 1.1 has several new features and improvements including fix for over 200 bugs.

Future of Browsing, Without Plug-ins

Internet Explorer developers believe that the plug-ins are restricting users from getting the best browsing experience over the web, and explain how webmasters can take advantage of HTML5.

New Opera 12 Wahoo Build Released

Opera Software recently released a security and stability update for the current version of the browser as announced earlier. This is probably the last release for Swordfish series and Opera is now focusing on the next big release, the Opera 12 Wahoo.

Chrome Completes 3 Years

In past three years, Chrome has emerged as the favourite browser of all kinds of internet users. Chrome has around 25% global browser market share.

Firefox to Get Addon Sync

Built-in synchronization tool of Firefox is going to copy another feature from its Chrome counterpart. Firefox Sync will have option to synchronize installed add-ons across multiple computers.

HTML5 Powered Gmail Offline App for Chrome

Offline access is back for Gmail and few other Google services, but this time there is no Gears. Google has announced a new Chrome Web App for Gmail which enables offline access powered by HTML5.

Non-Admin Chrome Frame Finally Available

Chrome team has launched the Non-Admin version of Chrome Frame, the Internet Explorer plug-in to deliver additional features and better performance by supported web apps.