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Chrome DevTools Workspace

The Workspaces enable developers to simplify their workflow and debugging using Chrome’s DevTools. Developers can choose local directories in their file system, which are always available to edit right in the DevTools.

Chrome 25 To Disable All Sideloaded Extensions

Starting with the Chrome 25, Chrome will disable silently installed third-party bundled extensions. Additionally, all sideloaded extensions will be disabled once including those installed manually by the users.

Password Generation in Chrome

A very interesting feature coming soon to Google Chrome is the “Password Generation”, which would suggest strong passwords to the users on signup pages.

Chrome’s New Tab Page to get a new design

Chrome’s new tab page is going to have a new sleeker design. As shown in the screenshot below, this new design will bring the “Other devices” section to the center, along with the “Most visited” and “Recently closed” sections.