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New Features in Firefox 18

According to Mozilla, the IonMonkey is a big improvement for its JavaScript engine, SpiderMonkey, and yields 26% performance improvement on Mozilla’s Kraken benchmark. On Google’s V8 benchmark, it is faster by 7% than the Firefox 17.

DevTools Toolbox in Firefox 20

The newer interface combines various developer tools (like Web Console, JavaScript Debugger, DOM Inspector, Style Editor) to a unified dockable panel.

WebRTC landed in Firefox 19

Finally, experimental WebRTC support has landed in the Firefox 19 nightly build. Current implementation supports getUserMedia, PeerConnection and DataChannels.

Firefox 15 Nightly Available for Download

After releasing Firefox 12 stable version, Mozilla devs have started pushing new versions to the other channels; i.e.; Beta, Aurora and Nightly. The nightly channel, which receives updates almost every day to implement latest experimental features, has been updated to the version # 15.