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Adobe Flash Player 11.5 Beta for Windows and Mac

Adobe has released a beta version of upcoming Flash Player 11.5 for Windows and Mac OS X. With this release, Adobe is planning to move to a rapid release cycle for beta to accelerate the development and bug-fixing process.

Firefox To Get OS-dependent Support for H.264 Codec

Mozilla is going to implement OS-level support for the patent-encumbered H.264 codec on Firefox for desktop and Android platforms. For Android 4.x devices, the beta version of Firefox for Android now supports hardware and software level H.264 decoding.

Flash On Linux Will Be Available Only For Chrome

For Flash Player releases after 11.2, Adobe will ship browser plugin for Linux platform only as Pepper Plugin API (PPAPI). The browser plugin will be distributed only as a part of Google Chrome, and will not be available for direct download or separate installation.

Google Chrome Gets Flash Player 11 Support

Google Chrome stable channel has been updated to the version 14.0.835.202 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms. The highlight of newer version is support for Flash Player 11.

Future of Browsing, Without Plug-ins

Internet Explorer developers believe that the plug-ins are restricting users from getting the best browsing experience over the web, and explain how webmasters can take advantage of HTML5.